Skeptileptic was my debut album. Mainly written during 2012 and 2013 it was released after a long stint of home production in 2018 and is available on CD and on all major streaming and download platforms. In the year of its release I started my Songwriting MA studies at ICMP and I never really felt comfortable promoting the album (answers on a postcard as to why), so it remains largely undiscovered. As often is the case with artist’s early work I feel it has strengths and weaknesses. However I’m very glad to have Skeptileptic in my catalogue and I hope you take the time to listen and enjoy the album.

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Peter Farrie, May 2020

Goddess is track 4 of Skeptileptic.

“It’s what I’ve been waiting for… If you’re looking for the sounds of science, Skeptileptic is not to be missed. Peter Farrie’s new album brings lyrical art to the scientific world, covering myriad topics with a gentle wink characteristic of his usual dry humour. Witty, catchy, and much needed in this post-fact era. Go buy it!” – ‘Science Mum’ Zion Lights