Inspired by an idea from Veronica Gosling of Studio 36 Exeter, Patterns is a collaboration involving storytelling, music, song, dance, spoken word and image.

Our first performance at St Sidwell’s Community Centre, Exeter on 21st October 2017 at 7pm was a sellout success. Explore some photos and reaction from the night here.

I wrote three new songs for Patterns: Patterns on the Bathroom Floor is inspired by some funky lino from my childhood home! Blueprint is about trying to escape fixed mindsets of middle age and Constellations covers many themes, but ultimately arose from thinking about networks in the brain (using those networks!)

Rehearsing with some of the Patterns team

The Patterns team includes James Turner poet, Ruth Molins flautist and composer, Clare Bryden artist and singer, Jeff Sleeman actor and facilitator, Mike Ludgrove boat builder and sailor, Amerie Rose of Encounter Theatre and Therapy, Peter Nickol composer, Felix May doctor and drummer, Louise Clark scientist and dancer and me!

I’ve written a blog post giving more details about how I wrote my songs for Patterns.