Not My Album!

This CD is packed with 14 songs I’ve recorded over the years. It’s called ‘Not My Album’ so as not to confuse it with my forthcoming debut album! Unlike my debut album it is only available in physical CD form.

Buy for £7.50 including postage and packing by clicking on ‘Buy Now’ below. I will post CDs within 1 or 2 days of receiving payment.

  1. Raincheck
  2. Men Are From Mars
  3. The Bees Are Here
  4. Half Life
  5. Alan In Wonderland
  6. The Services
  7. Born Without Belief
  8. Beautiful Morning
  9. Creationists For President
  10. I Googled You
  11. All Of These Gifts
  12. The Story Of Yourself
  13. Sofra (Instrumental)
  14. Review Of The Year

Love your CD!

Very much worth listening to.

Greatly enjoying my copy.